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friendShip Plan

friendShip Plan

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Unlock Exclusive Benefits and Savings with the Bonkind FriendShip Plan

As a member, you gain access to enhance your shopping experience.  Explore the unique benefits that await you as a valued FriendShip member:

  • 15% off all products
  • Special Birthday Gift/ Discount
  • Exclusive Products
  • Recurring orders at your special discount

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With the Bonkind FriendShip program, you receive exceptional discounts and exclusive offers on a wide range of products. Here's what you can expect as a FriendShip member:

• Enjoy a remarkable 15% discount on all items site-wide, ensuring significant savings with every purchase.
• Gain early access to our exclusive products, giving you the opportunity to be among the first to try our latest offerings.
• Receive special sample products or gain access to pre-order items through exclusive promotions tailored specifically for FriendShip members.
• Be eligible for limited-time promotions and birthday gifts.


Q: How much does the FriendShip Program membership cost?
A: The FriendShip Program requires an annual subscription fee of $21.99, which grants you access to all the exclusive features and discounts throughout the calendar year.

Q: What discounts do bonkind FriendShip members receive?
A: FriendShip members enjoy a 15% discount on all items site-wide, ensuring significant savings on every purchase. Additionally, on their birthdays, they receive a special gift

Q: Can I customize my recurring orders as a FriendShip member?
A: Absolutely! FriendShip members have the opportunity to personalize their recurring order packages and have them conveniently delivered to their doorstep every 4 or 8 weeks. Moreover, FriendShip members enjoy a higher discount of 15% off their recurring orders, while normal customers receive only a 5% discount.

Q: How do I become a FriendShip member?
A: Becoming a FriendShip member is easy. Simply add the FriendShip plan to your cart and pay the annual membership fee of $21.99 to activate your FriendShip membership.

Q: If I receive a higher discount code on my birthday, what happens to my 15% off?
A: Only one discount will count. You get to enjoy the bigger discount. There are no downsides to being a FriendShip member!


Instant! Enjoy your perks and discounts From the day you purchase your membership!
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